2090 plays

Game Controls:

WASD for moving MOUSE: aim and shoot


Game Description:

Shell Shockers if exciting first person shooter which you can play direct in your browser without downloading. Enter the game arena and try to eliminate other players from it. Try to reach the top of leaderboard of this cool multiplayer egg shooter. Take control of your egg and battle real players around the world or play private game with your friends in school. Game is available on many proxy domains like: biologyclass.club, eggcombat.com, geometry.monster, humanorganising.org, algebra.vip, mathdrills.info, geometry.report, mathlete.fun, mathlete.pro, biologyclass.club, yolk.life, yolk.rocks, violentegg.club, math.international, eggcombat.com, algebra.vip, eggsarecool.com, violentegg.fun, geometry.pw, mathactivity.club, mathdrills.life, mathactivity.xyz, urbanegger.com..


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