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End of the year, time for rankings. And if you look at the charts of the most downloaded games from Steam, App Store, Google Play, Nintendo eShop, and other digital stores, you will notice a game present practically everywhere: Watermelon Game, also known as Suika Game. But what is it, and why is everyone downloading it? Watermelon Game is a Japanese fruit-based puzzle game released in 2021 in Japan and arrived in the West just a few weeks ago. It is available on all stores in a multitude of versions, both free and paid. It is an immediate and fun puzzle game with a very simple mechanism: group the fruit in a box and create chain reactions with fruits of the same type to create the ultimate watermelon and accumulate many points. But if the fruits spill out of the box, the game over screen appears. Watermelon Game has become extremely viral, capturing YouTubers, streamers, and TikTokers. The game has garnered over five million downloads and has spawned numerous unofficial clones that have invaded all platforms. Fun fact: Watermelon Game is also in the top 10 of the most searched games on Google in 2023.

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